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Farma Net Albania was founded in July 2009 by a group of local businessmen. Desiring to reflect the success of businesses and previous activities, they decided to be present and successful in the pharmaceutical sector as well.

And this is actually being reflected in other health care sectors as well.

The name "FARMA NET Albania" was born out form the idea of creating a reliable pharmaceutical network in the Albanian market. In this market where such a service was offered mainly in the form of small, family-run businesses, this pharmaceutical network really brought a novelty.

The pharmacy network brought innovation not only in structure, appearance, and organization, but also in the figure of the pharmacist, offering certified pharmaceutical products, reasonable prices, quality service, and valuable health tips.

Farma Net Albania - a pharmaceutical network, always close to client’s needs.


The idea was born by one of the founders Z.Sokol Topciu who was inspired by standards and professional service at pharmacies abroad.

The desire to take care of the health in the right way, offering to the albanian clients a professional, unified service, pharmacists who advise and promote health, pushed the businessman to establish a pharmaceutical network that would respect and implement these service standards , products and unique image.



Establish a trusted pharmaceutical network with certified pharmaceutical products, standardized services, provided by qualified pharmacists who advise and promote health, focusing on the well-being and care of the customer.


Creating the largest pharmaceutical network in Albania, offering services and products in all major cities and ensuring that 40% of the network's turnover comes from the portfolio of products imported and distributed by Farma Net Albania.

Currently, the company's business includes:

  1. Pharmaceutical importer and distributor of drugs subject to medical prescription - exclusive representative and distributor for several well-known manufacturing companies present in different countries of the European Union, which comply with all the international standards required for the manufacture of high quality products and in accordance with GMP standards.

  2. Importer and Distributor for OTC products, nutritional supplements, dermocosmetics - providing and playing an important role in counseling and promotion of a lifestyle and preventative health care.

  3. Importer and distributor of medical devices for the open network of pharmacies, medical devices and consumables for hospitals and clinics, dental equipmentmaterials, laboratory equipment; diagnostic medical devices for hospitals; for patient care / hospital / home etc..

  4. Home health care - Starting from several months now, the company's goal is to help and create the necessary conditions/structures to facilitate home care for people or family members, in case of chronic illnesses, disabilities, etc.

    Along with the necessary devices and materials (wheelchair, beds, crutches, walkers, disinfection, wound treatment) etc ..., the most important thing in this activity is
    Home-based oxygen therapy - supply and assistance (fitting, training, counseling) for all cases in which oxygen therapy is recommended (with oxygenators or medical oxygen cylinders)

  5. Pharmacy network. Currently, this network is made up of 8 pharmacies located in the key points of Tirana, but the company's goal is to make Farma Net present in almost all the districts of Tirana - ever closer to the customer.

Regulatory Affairs

We intensively engage ourselves in entire process of drug registration in Albania on behalf of our international partners, from the moment of compiling the files until the MA are granted, cooperating closely with our partners and responsible authorities in our country; in addition, based on our internal organizational structure and in close cooperation with key opinion leaders, we do perform all A&P activities to promote our products in open market or hospital one. 

Local Healthcare

In particular, we’re highly involved in negotiations and lobbing regarding the drugs for hospital use (tender related) or the ones included in the reimbursement list.

Pharmacy network

Apart from being importer/distributor, we also have our own pharmacies network – being quite successful in retail market as well.

Since one year already we’re active also in the field of import and distribution of medical consumables, medical devices & equippment.

Product portofolio

Our current product portofolio for open market covers different therapeutic area such as antibiotics, gastrology, neurology, dermatology, hematology, pediatrics etc...,

While the range of drugs for hospital use is mainly focused on gynecology, anesthetics, chemotherapy etc.

Staff and departaments

Currently In FarmaNet there are app. 60 employees, organized in several departments such as: BD dept, Regulatory, Marketing and Sales (7 medical representative and 6 sales agent), Warehouse, Medical Device Dept, Pharmacies Network.


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